What to Wear for Melbourne Cup

It's that time of year where we all get the Spring Carnival Racing Season fever in time for Melbourne Cup! It's indecisive as to which is more important at the Spring Racing Carnival, the fashion or races? I have researched the best fashion tips for both men and women that you can bet on to make you the front-runner with style and sophistication at this year's Melbourne Cup.


This year it seems the dresses are scratched from the races as we are slipping into a pant suit. Braukämper says “this might just be the sexiest, most stand-out thing a girl can do this season.” Make sure your suits are well tailored avoiding the corporate look.

  • There are 2 options when choosing a pant suit for the carnival:

1. Look for a wide-leg pant with a relaxed blazer oozing 1930s allure, or
2. A slim pant with a flared leg and heels depicting 70’s glamour.

  • If you do choose dresses, this season Braukämper says “look out for styles that are either ultra-modern and minimal, or vintage-inspired from the 60s and 70s, think Jean Shrimpton, perfect for the racing season.”
  • Accessories: If you are choosing a fascinator, make sure it is a truly amazing and stand out feature of your outfit. Margaret Keeble, Creator and designer of Papillion Hats is the perfect person to help you with choosing the right fascinator. She designs your fascinator inline with your out to perfectly the look and style.=
  • Or go for this year’s latest trend, the wide brimmed fedora or the neat straw boater. A perfect masculine hat styles for a tailored outfit.
  • Another trend this year is to choose fresh flowers that are crisp and brightly coloured. Orchids or tangles of wildflowers are stand out pieces of the moment worn as a headpiece directly on the hair or woven into headpieces.


Sorry guys but the dull boring and the vibrant over the top suits are overdone! This year its time to find that balancebetween the two.

  • Look for quality. A suit that is tailored to fit a man’s body perfectly turns a women’s head every time. Look for those pieces that are well made and well fitted.
  • Only one should be make a statement, either your suit or your accessories.
  • Editor Tania Braukämper, from fashionising recommends to try light block colours with a linen, cotton, or super wool 120 cloth. Also consider pinstripes, they visually lengthen and is a good option if you’re less than 6 foot tall.
  • This year consider next year’s relaxed tailored trends, they will also be a stand out for the right reasons.
  • Choose greys and blues. Braukämper says “All shades of blue are on trend but avoid navy as it’s a staple and too common.”
  • For those of you that have chosen a plain coloured suit you can style it up with some statement accessories. Braukämper recommends the pocket handkerchief, a flower pinned to your lapel, or a strongly masculine fedora that’s less indie rocker and more Don Draper are all smart options this year.

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