The Smallest Gig

We've stumbled on Sydney's smallest secret, The Smallest Gig, created back in May 2011 by Sydney locals, Eloise Boutry and Holly Smith.

After attending many gigs and larger concerts, the girls saw a lack of attention to each gig they went to and a lack of appreciation for the artists which left them disappointed. They wanted to bring back the element of an up-close and personal experience that allowed the audience the ability to really feel the artists music which is now called The Smallest Gigs.

After kicking of their first gig with one of Australia's talented home grown artist, Matt Corby, The Smallest Gig took a life of its own bringing music back to where it all began.

It's the experience, localness and realness that is associated with The Smallest Gig. They bring together Australian artists into an intimate setting in your own backyard. They have worked with some of Australia most talented up and coming artist and those who are just breaking into the industry. Each gig is held in a different backyard throughout Sydney giving them an element of excitement and mystery.

 It's all about getting people together for the pure love of music in its most natural and traditional form, live and intimate in the palm of your hands. The Smallest Gig shutters away from all boundaries to break barriers between an artist and their audience hitting the emotional cord in all of us.

No egos, no prejudice, just the experience and freedom of musical expression that brings out the joy when it's shared. They leave behind all the fancy digital and mass corporate commercialism of a concert that separates you from the true experience of being up close and personal.

It's a sunday session with 40 close mates you have only just met on the day who are all there to embrace the music of our talented undiscovered Australian artists.

Check out the videos below of a few of the local artists that played at The Smallets Gig held in Newtown.

Charlie Gardon - Facebook Page

Charlie Gradon @ The Smallest Gig from The Smallest Gig on Vimeo.

Ocean Alley

Ocean Alley @ The Smallest Gig from The Smallest Gig on Vimeo.

James Lange

James Lange @ The Smallest Gig from The Smallest Gig on Vimeo.


So get your mates together for a wicked sunday afternoon at the next Smallest Gig in Avalon.

Check out their Facebook page for details on their upcoming gig.

It's all for the love of music!

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