Introducing KSKYE, the first Australian owned Vegan label, that is eco friendly, ethical and cruelty-free. A label that is revolutionising the fashion industry and helping you buy better.

KSKYE is a unisex eco-eyewear and ethical jewellery label that only uses sustainable and natural materials, such as, upcycled woods, eco dyes, natural crystals, silver and gold.

The label employs local villagers in India who are incredibly talented and possess amazing craftsmanship to hard carve KSKYE pendants, providing those who otherwise remain unemployed an opportunity to make an honest living for their families.

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Designer, Candy Maaka-Stoten, is definitely changing the game! Maaka-Stoten, completely rebranded her leather fashion label, KeilanaSkye into a beautiful ethical and vegan brand.

Having changed her diet from a vegetarian to a Vegan, she became more aware of the cruelty towards animals and the detrimental effects the leather and fashion industry has on the environment. Not wanting to be part of the leather industry which is listed twice on the world’s ‘Top Ten Pollutants  from livestock farming and leather tanneries; it was a natural step for the brand to make a change with a positive impact.

KSKYE Eco-Eyewear and HYDRA Quartz Crystal Necklace in SilverThe last year, the vegan and ‘conscious living’ advocate behind theconsciousblogger.com, has proven her true testament to live a life completely cruelty-free and as ethical and eco-friendly as she possibly can. Staying true to her beliefs and her determination to keep going, even though faced with huge challenges, it was her vision to make a positive difference in the fashion industry that has sparked worldwide interest in her stunning KSKYE collection.

With hot eyewear like Mandala Sunglasses in Tangelo and pieces like Galatea Amazonite, Hydra’ and Callisto, it is no wonder KSKYE is becoming an international success.

“No matter who you are, or where you are; if you are true to yourself and living your truth, you will always succeed.” - Candy Maaka-Stoten 

Visit www.kskyethelabel.com to buy now.


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