Anna Dello Russo For H&M – Fashion Shower

Anna Dello Russo, eccentric stylist, editor and creative consultant for Vogue Japan has collaborated with the high end label H&M to bring out her own collection. Russo shows off her line through the Euro trash style video clip titled Fashion Shower.

Russo "the Guardian of fashion" outlines the 10 rules of fashion in her clip whilst wearing her jewellery pieces, bags and shoes.

With the success of Karl Lagerfeld's more affordable label 'Karl,' released December last year through Net-A-Porter, it was only natural other high-end labels followed in the same footsteps.

H&M's Creative Advisor, Margareta Van Den Bosh says "shoppers are in for a treat." She states, "There is something feisty and over the top in this collection, our customers will find it incredibly exciting and extravagant, with a precious vintage feel. Mostly gold, it is truly spectacular: these pieces will give a new life to everyone’s wardrobe. The idea is to have luxury that you can play with, at an affordable price."

Russo collection is exactly that, gorgeous, extravagant, exciting and extremely affordable with pieces starting from £14.99 pounds up to £179.95 for boots.

The collections will hit stores in early October, till then keep yourself entertained with the video clip that is so shocking you can't help but watch it till the end.

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